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Authentic Models Sopwith Camel

Sopwith Camel Model Airplane
Was: $145.00
Now: $130.00
SKU: AP243

Authentic Models Sopwith Camel


Model Length: 10.25"
Wingspan: 15"
Height: 5"
Item #: AP243


Authentic Models Sopwith Camel airplane model - Authentic Models produces historically accurate reproductions of vintage era aircraft. These models are handcrafted using a combination of materials such as die cast metal, wood, and silk canvas. Each model is hand painted and finished with exceptional detail. Model features include delicate silk cloth fabric stretched over a lightweight wood frame, realistic WWI livery and details, spoke wire wheels that roll, metal engine cowling, laminated and rotating dark/light wood propeller, rubber tires, detailed cockpit, and heavy gauge fishing line included for hanging.


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