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Authentic Models Flight

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Authentic Models Flight Large Scale Aircraft Replicas

Authentic Models features very unique hand-built model replicas of early flight biplanes and historic aircraft. These exquisite large scale model airplanes come with lightweight frames, stretched fabric, and detail similar to the original construction. Trimotors, Junkers, and Dakota are each crafted of aluminum and detailed with intricate moving parts, realistic cockpit, and passenger cabin. The Biplane collection consists of early flight reproductions of the Fokker Triplane, SPAD XIII, Jenny, and Sopwith Camel. Intricate details include spoke wire-wheels, detailed engine, and laminated propeller. All biplanes are handcrafted of the finest materials including silk canvas stretched over a wooden frame.


The 1900s: the courage and persistence of early aviation pioneers of flight. Ignoring common sense they forged ahead. The 1930s: the introduction of travel through the air. Our world became suddenly accessible to many explorers and travel enthusiasts. A journey from New York to Hong Kong that used to take months, now was possible in days… with stops. A fascinating history translated into a unique collection of exquisite airplane models and artifacts…Including the Sopwith Camel, Gee Bee, Jenny, Trimotor planes, Zeppelins, and more! These airplane models look great when paired with our decorative vintage propellers and globes.