1968 Dodge Car Dealer Full-Line Color Brochure

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1968 Dodge Car Dealer Full-Line 19-Page Color Brochure


This is an original 1968 Dodge Car Dealer 19-Page Color Brochure with front cover, "so many wonderful ways to catch Dodge fever. 1968 Dart . Coronet . Charger . Polara . Monaco". Back cover details the Chrysler Corporation warranty and 1968 Dodge models standard equipment. This full line catalog measures approximately 11" x 11" and features the Charger, Dart, Coronet, Polara, and Monaco standard equipment, options, and specifications details. Also includes information on Monaco, Polara, and Coronet station wagons, and '68 Dodge Colors, Dodge engines, transmission, and suspensions details. Actual color car photos and artist's renderings.